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All aspects of the engineering technology used by the chemical process industries(CPI).
Published for more than 100 years, Chemical Engineering provides you with a timely mix of technical news reporting and practical, expert information on all aspects of the chemical engineering practice. Each month you’ll have access to:

  • The latest developments in CPI technologies
  • News roundups on process technologies
  • Up to the minute information on plant operations, maintenance, environ- mental and safety issues—and much more! If you’re involved in the CPI you can’t afford not to subscribe to Chemical Engineering magazine!

Chemical Engineering covers, worldwide, the chemical engineering technology used by the chemical process industries. Those industries manufacture virtually every product in which a chemical change is a key step during the production process (not to mention a few other industries with no chemical change but employing the same kinds of equipment). Modern day-to-day living is impossible to imagine without the output of the CPI.
Aside from producing an output that is pervasive and essential, most firms in the CPI have a proud tradition of plowing revenue back into research and development, in lean times as well as prosperous ones. The results: continual advances in chemical process technology and its products — and a dynamic, exciting field for this magazine to cover.
For more than 100 years, Chemical Engineering has served its readers: those working in the CPI, and those at firms or agencies that serve or are otherwise associated with the CPI. With our knowledgeable, experienced editorial staff, we will continue to provide our readers with a mix of timely, staff-written technical-news reporting plus outside experts’ practical, "how to" articles on relevant aspects of engineering practice.

Subscription includes:

  • Chemical Engineering magazine (published monthly)
  • The Chemical Engineering Buyers’ Guide, ranked as the most useful buying resource dedicated to the CPI according to the Chem Show Buying Universe Survey. The Chemical Engineering Buyers’ Guide (CEBG) is used by buyers and specifiers around the world with the authority to buy your products. These engineering professionals refer to CEBG throughout the year at the beginning of the sales process. By placing your ad in CEBG, you deliver your message to an audience that collectively refer to the print Buyers’ Guide more than 1 million times a year. Ranked as the "most useful" buying resource dedicated to the Chemical Process Industries (CPI) according to the Chem Show Buying Universe Survey, the Buyers' Guide has earned the confidence of buyers.
  • Access to the extensive online archive of Chemical Engineering magazines
  • Discounts on selected Chemical Engineering Conferences and Seminars
  • Exclusive unlimited access to our website, http://www.che.com
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