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The largest monthly plastic magazine in the world

Modern Plastics Worldwide:

  • is the longest published plastics magazine
  • presents a unique editorial focus
  • has the largest circulation
  • maintains extremely high name recognition
  • reaches the greatest number of countriesoffers the most competitive rates on a per name basis.

Modern Plastics Worldwide is the only plastics publication dedicated to covering global business management issues, key technologies, and the latest manufacturing management trends for the international plastics industry. Topics range across all processes, including injection, extrusion, blowmolding, thermoforming, blown film, cast film, and compounding.

Modern Plastics Worldwide presents:

  • The latest technology developments in materials, design, equipment, processing, and applications from a business strategy perspective
  • Marketing information on new markets, industry trends, economic influences, and forecasts
  • Business information on key management topics such as legal and regulatory issues, operational methodologies, purchasing strategies, organizational development, and business logistics
  • Country reports and directories that follow plastics industry developments in key nations and regions
  • All processes

Editorial sections that appear in every issue include:

  • As I See It: Guest editorial with opinions on occurrences in the industry
  • Economy and Markets: Worldwide analysis on the plastics economy and markets
  • Material Thoughts: News and analysis of materials development; product development trends
  • World Tour: Regional reports and analysis covering everything from trade issues, management, investment, technology, markets, etc.
  • Product Watch: New product introductions and their impact on manufacturing trends
  • First Look: Worldwide news and analysis
  • Modern Executive: Analysis and reports on facility, people, and information management

Subscription includes:

  • Modern Plastics Worldwide magazine (published monthly)
  • The Modern Plastics World Encyclopedia. Many companies operate on a global basis in today’s marketplace, and purchasing managers in Baltimore are looking for suppliers that can support their plant in Beijing. Only the Modern Plastics World Encyclopedia supports the plastics industry trend toward centralized plant purchasing for worldwide locations that has changed the face of the plastics industry. Content of Modern Plastics World Encyclopedia:
    • Product listings of suppliers of
    • Resins and compounds
    • Additives and colorants
    • Primary processing machinery
    • Auxiliary equipment and computers
    • Molds and dies
    • Components and supplies
    • Services
    • Semi-finished materials

    • Fillers and additives charts
    • Primary processing machinery charts
    • Resins and compounds charts
    • Complete supplier listing
    • Tradenames
    • List of worldwide trade associations
    • Comprehensive list of international trade shows

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