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The Worldwide News Source for Chemicals Makers and Processors

Chemical Week knows the trends before they even happen.

Chemical Week is the most regularly read publication in the market and has the largest circulation of any non-association chemical news magazine. Reaching key industry leaders, our audience looks to Chemical Week editorial content and advertisements to help build their business plan and invest their money in services and products that work.

Chemical Week is the largest paid publication in the global chemical sector and, we believe, the ONLY magazine truly serving the global industry across all its various sectors.
Our mission is to report the news about this important industry as it happens and track industry trends via feature articles, as well as to interpret events for the benefit of our readers.

Subscription includes:

  • Chemical Week magazine (published weekly)
  • The Chemical Week Buyers' Guide, a useful buying resource dedicated to the chemical industry; Chemical Week's Buyers' Guide is an invaluable reference guide used by industry leaders across the chemical process industries. The Buyers' Guide and its all-inclusive online version provides companies with maximum exposure to the buyers of products and services for the entire global industry. The Buyers' Guide is the ultimate marketing tool, providing a continuous source of revenue for participating companies. And, with its year-long shelf life, products and services are seen again and again-in print and online.
  • Access to our extensive online archive of Chemical Week magazines
  • Delivery of Chemical Week magazine online. Our online magazine enhances your print subscription by offering full search and query functionality
  • Discounts on selected Chemical Week Conferences and Seminars
  • Exclusive unlimited access to our website, http://www.chemweek.com

Chemical Week provides in-depth news and analysis to executives involved in the business of chemistry. Our editorial staff—with over 75 years of experience—provides our readers with expert knowledge and analysis of all sectors of the industry, enabling them to make successful business decisions and stay ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.

  • Cover Story
    Chemical Week’s cover stories provide readers with in-depth reviews of timely and newsworthy topics; reports on critical issues; profiles on major companies; and reviews of specific industry sectors. Leading executives from the biggest to the smallest chemical companies and service providers turn to our cover stories to develop their knowledge of these issues—and to see what the competition is planning.
  • Business & Finance
    Chemical Week’s unparalleled global news coverage features breaking stories of critical importance to chemical executives worldwide. Each week these executives turn to the Business & Finance Section of our magazine to find breaking news, and focus on the regional spotlights, important announcements, and company activities in key segments of the industry.
  • Country Focus Reports
    These reports provide an examination and analysis of the rapidly expanding regions as well as established markets of the chemical industry. Our readers look to these reports for the most up-to-date information about the regions’ economic status, market dynamics, and government programs, as well as plant capacity, employment, and sales and trade, to enable them to make successful investment decisions and build their strategies for entering these regions.
  • Market Sector Reports
    These reports provide detailed information and analysis of the latest developments in each sector of the chemical industry, including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, paints and coatings, personal care, and adhesives and sealants.
  • Pricing Data
    European and U.S. spot and contract price information is provided for the top 20 basic chemicals and plastic products. The reports allow our readers to study product trends and enable them make informed business decisions.
  • The Chemical WeekData Bank (CW 75, Leading Indicators, Vital Statistics, CW 300)
    Weekly reports on custom stock market information and key economic indicators. These reports provide our readers with critical insight into the global chemical industry.
  • Innovation
    Chemical Week provides its readers with coverage of the research and innovation most likely to have a commercial impact on the industry.
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