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Harvard Business Review
Every month, Harvard Business Review applies the best research and practice to the management challenges and strategic opportunities confronting top managers in today's complex global marketplace.
If you're playing a role in your company's future -- if you're in a position to influence its performance -- if you're leading change -- you need Harvard Business Review. HBR is the world's recognized leadership authority for managers who are creating, leading and transforming their companies to profit from the new global economy. HBR's monthly issues bring practical, hands-on ideas, insights, technologies, and techniques to strengthen your power to lead people to success. Every issue helps you use technology for competitive advantage. Guides you through strategic decision making during fast-moving change. Introduces you to innovative managers who share their breakthroughs. Reveals the secrets of motivating today's workers. Shows how to forge online alliances and partnerships, and more. Take your leadership skills -- and your company -- to the next level.

You will be able to access the online edition of Harvard Business Review.

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Harvard Business Review NEWSLETTERS

Supply chain strategy
How do you unlock the strategic power of your supply chain in your organization?
The management of a company's lifeline—its supply chain—drives its competitiveness, its growth, its bottom line. Organizations that understand this, and fuse corporate strategy and supply chain management to create a strategic asset, become market leaders. Those who don't, don't. Yet many companies—and otherwise sage business leaders—still fail to make this crucial connection. There is a profound need for knowledge and for ways to bridge the gap between supply chain professionals and the boardroom.

This groundbreaking newsletter-produced in partnership with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics—is aimed squarely at helping your organization develop a shared in depth understanding of how market leaders link supply chain strategy with strategic business goals to create a powerful competitive advantage.

VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE—and that makes negotiation one of the most critical business and life skills. Our Negotiation newsletter is designed to help executives and others who are not "professional negotiators" master the art.

It brings you—in a quick reading, practical, easily digested format—the leading-edge negotiating strategies and methods developed at the world-renowned Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Balanced Scorecard Report
Discover the official newsletter of the Balanced Scorecard revolution! Developed in conjunction with Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, creators of the Balanced Scorecard, each issue delivers the latest research and front-line implementation news from organizations using the Balanced Scorecard strategic management system.

Harvard Management Update
This monthly newsletter helps you generate ideas, understand management trends, and solve current business problems - all in a concise, action-oriented format. Each issue of Harvard Management Update helps answer the question, "How can I be more effective today?"

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